This addition to the 'Brass Series' features another American species of Black Walnut veneer laminated atop of our newly designed Broad Cruiser shape, a wider rendition of the Select Cruiser. Despite being in the same family, Claro and Black Walnut are very different species. Unlike Claro, American Black Walnut is native to the eastern regions of the U.S, is lighter in color, and less porous. Historically and still currently used in paddles, gunstocks, and flooring, Black Walnut is a strong and durable wood that we found ideal for this piece and its integrity over time. Its lighter color tones and tighter grain make it an exceptional match for our brass inlay and home brew finish of Tung oil and harvest beeswax.

Designed and Crafted by Eastern Manner

Lot 7 / Number 1 of 1

8” x 31.625”

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