With this final addition to the ‘Southwest’ Series, we took our newly designed Contemporary and shaved it down to create the Contemporary 8.2. Continuing our theme, this deck has been veneered with American Planetree and, as the others, features an inlaid mixture of turquoise / clay. Unlike generic Sycamore that grows predominantly in the eastern regions of the U.S, Planetree can be found north of Arizona and stretches down to the southern tip of Mexico. A favorite amongst furniture designers and crafters, its deep red color tones and heavily freckled interlocking grain make it an ideal match for the turquoise / clay inlay, finished with our in-house orange oil and beeswax blend.  

Designed and Crafted by Eastern Manner

Lot 8 / Number 1 of 1

8.2 x 31.625

Available Exclusively

at Unis NY & Unis LA

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