The ‘Southwest’ Series was inspired by southwestern Native American culture and the awe-inspiring landscapes of the region. To accurately portray the native timeless works of art, our newly designed ‘Pool Cruiser’, a shape that takes influence from 1980’s pool skateboarding, features a distinctive Ash Burl veneer and a genuine turquoise / clay inlay. A rare find, burl is a cancerous tumor that develops on a tree evoked by mold or insect infestation that results in irregular cellular growth patterns and sporadic grain direction. The weaving grain within these tumors leads to the wood being extremely figured, dense, and resilient to splitting, making Burls perfect for veneer milling. The woods contrasting golden olive and brown earth tones and exceptional figure couple with the turquoise / clay inlay and our orange oil and beeswax finish.

Designed and Crafted by Eastern Manner

Lot 8 / Number 1 of 5

9.0" x 31.875"


Sold Out.

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